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Adolygu Gwyl Rhif 6

gwyl rhif 6107x107Bydd fersiwn Cymraeg o'r adolygiad yma'n dilyn yn fuan.

As Festival No. 6 drew to a close yesterday after 3 days of creative and inspiring performances and displays the overwhelming consensus was that it had been a resounding success.

Close to 7,000 people attended the festival over the three days, including 300 children for whom areas of the Gwyllt woodlands and the estuary fields had been transformed into magical gardens and fire lit forests. The atmosphere was one of harmony and good community - there was no damage, no theft, no violence, the atmosphere was pervaded by a collective spirit of goodwill.

Portmeirion sparkled in the glow of torch lit processions as the Brythoniaid male voice choir sang New Order's 'Blue Monday' from the Bristol Colonnade. This meticulously crafted and finely detailed celebration of words and music fitted perfectly into its quirky setting, bringing the village alive in a way that would have delighted Clough Williams-Ellis. It has been a pleasure to work with so many creative people whose talent and professionalism behind the scenes ensured that Festival No 6  exceeded all expectations.

Portmeirion wish to thank all who attended Festival Number 6  for their care and respect for the fabric of the village, its gardens and its meadows. The festval  captured the spirit of Clough's maxim 'Cherish the past, adorn the present, construct for the future' and above all it introduced Portmeirion to a new circle of friends.

Be seeing you.


Read Mark Beaumont's review of Festival Number 6 here (The Guardian, Monday 17th September).

 Read Pierre Perrone's review of Festival Number 6 here (The Independent, Monday 17th September)

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greg doyle said on
My girlfriend and I attended Festival No. 6 and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The village the was the perfect setting and every person we spoke to was friendly and welcoming. Hopefully we'll be back to the village soon for a visit and then for Festival No. 6 2013!

Ychwanegu Sylw

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